Statement on report into murder of Pat Finucane

The Haldane Society joins with Geraldine Finucane and her family in condemning as a whitewash and a sham the "report" into the murder of her husband, the Belfast solicitor, Pat Finucane.  

The all too predictable outcome of the work commissioned by David Cameron from Sir Desmond de Silva QC has added yet one more chapter of insult to the deades of collusion, cover-up, lies and broken promises in which one British government after another has attempted to close the book on this international scandal.  "Justice on the cheap" has been the motto of this Government and it is no surprise that the only justification the Prime Minister can offer for refusing to order the impartial public inquiry his predecessors had pledged to hold, is that it would be too expensive.

The family has, and always has had, our unwavering support in its determination to force the British government to account fully and publicly for the murder that we believe was sanctioned at extremely high - if not the very highest - levels.  This is not simply one family's fight for the truth.  If there is no justice for the Finucane family there can never be any confidence in the word of a British Government.