Update in the case of Vadim Kuramshin

The charges against Vadim Kuramshin, that he allegedly attempted to extort money from Mukhtar Uderbaev from the Kordai regional prosecutor’s office, were clearly fabricated.

Under the lead of judge Nurmukhammat Abidov this latest trial was rushed through and the sentence declared without either Vadim himself or his advocate being present in the courtroom. They were replaced by a court appointed lawyer who sat there as if he was just an extra piece of furniture.

The trial was conducted with many breaches of procedure. From the beginning the judge took the side of the prosecution. Not one objection from the defense was upheld, neither defense or prosecution witnesses were questioned. Some of the prosecution witnesses appeared by Skype in which members of the “security organs” showed no reluctance instructing the witnesses how to give the “right evidence”. Vadim himself was not even allowed to see the documents submitted to him.

At the end of August a jury found Vadim not guilty of this charge and he was freed from the court. However the Kazakhstan authorities are out to seek revenge on this fighter against corruption. He was again arrested and dragged before the court. This has so annoyed the members of the previous jury that they have formed their own action committee in defense of Vadim Kuramshin.

The Haldane Society of socialist Lawyers have sent protest letters to the President of Kazakhstan and its embassy in London.