The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers is open to all trade unionists, campaigners, workers, unemployed, solicitors, barristers, pupil barristers, trainees, and law students. Far more unites us than can possibly divide us; and never has there been such a pressing need for us to unite and work together.

Members receive copies of our magazine, Socialist Lawyer, and the opportunity to be involved in a democratic, campaigning organisation.

You can join by Standing Order or by PayPal. Whereas Standing Order payments are free, the Haldane Society is charged a fee for PayPal payments. This fee is paid by the Society and is not passed on to you.

Your membership application will normally will be processed within a week of you submitting your application.

Standing Order

Please fill in the membership form and return it to the Haldane Society, PO Box 64195, London WC1A 9FD.

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If you choose to pay monthly the Society is charged 20p per month more than if you choose to pay yearly. This charge is not passed on to you.

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