Haldane Society Welcomes Criminal Bar Association's Call for Direct Action

The Criminal Bar Association held a national delegates conference at Lincoln’s Inn on Saturday 16 November. The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers welcomes the Criminal Bar Association's determination to oppose Government's cuts to legal aid. We look forward to the calling of a day of action in protest in accordance with the resolution proposed by Mark George QC and Haldane Secretary Russell Fraser and passed unanimously. We will call on our members to support the Day of Action.

The Conference approved the following text:

The calling of a day or days of action on which no members of the criminal bar will undertake work in either the magistrates or crown courts. We will ask for the support of the representative bodies of the solicitor’s profession in standing by us on that (those) day (s). The purpose will be to demand that the government stays all its current proposals for legal aid and that the justice secretary engages with us meaningfully.