IADL Webinars Programme 2015

Logo of the International Association of Democratic LawyersThe Haldane Society is affiliated to the International Association of Democratic Lawyers, our global sister organisation.  We present here an invitation from IADL to join and participate in a series of webinars focussing on current and crucial issues within international law.  Presented by legal experts from the world over, the aim of these unique webinars is to provide a progressive perspective which can help us to use the law to develop our individual and collective struggles.

A schedule of webinars is found below. It is recommended that you visit the IADL Facebook page to keep up to date on when and how to join them: https://www.facebook.com/groups/iadlyouth/

28 April - Anti terrorism law, turkish CHD trials and trial observation training

With Presentations from members of CHD, IADL and ELDH

Mid June - from Geneva HRC - Presentation on Ukraine and the Kurdish


26 June UTC 3.45 AM - Presentation from the Conference of Lawyers in the Asia Pacific


Broadcasting from Commission 1 on the Right to Peace

Mid July - International Tribunal on HR violations in the Philippines -

broadcast from Washington

Late October - Presentation from the National Lawyers Guild (US) national


Late November - IADL/Haldane Society International Women’s Conference

from London

Early December - IADL Conference on the 70th anniversary of the UN Charter