Socialist Lawyer 11-20

Socialist Lawyer 20 (2.7MB)

New World Order - Can Human Rights Fill the Gap? - Bill Bowring
Mike Mansfield - Runciman: rights at risk
Damian Brown - Human rights & the ILO

Socialist Lawyer 19 (3MB)

Northern Ireland - lawyers under pressure by Jane Winter
Tony Benn on Constitutional Reform
Cuts in Legal Aid by Roger Smith
The UN: Grounds for Intervention by Miranda Kazantis

Socialist Lawyer 18 (2.8MB)

Asylum Law - a lost opportunity for reform?  Jane Coker
Geoffrey Bindman on Livel Reform
The Ashworth Inquiry - Ian Bynoe
Turkish Kurds - Louise Christian

Socialist Lawyer 17 (2.9MB)

The Death Penalty in the USA: The ultimate human rights violation
Contempt of Court: Kenneth Baker makes legal history
Geoffrey Bindman: Five more Tory years
Michael Mansfield QC defends his criminal justice proposals

Socialist Lawyer 16 (3.6MB)

Criminal Justice Issue
Chris Mullin MP: The Age of Enlightenment
Dr Richard Vogler & Judge Marcel Lemonde: French Lessons for Runciman
News, Features, Reviews

Socialist Lawyer 15 (3.2MB)

Russia - Behind the Coup
Legal Training - Perpetuating the Stereotype
Return to Oscar Wilde - Peter Tatchell on Anti-Gay Laws

Socialist Lawyer 14 (3MB)

The Kurdish People - No Safe Haven in International Law
Casement Park - A Community on Trial
Mad, Bad or Dangerous - Women in Special Hospitals

Socialist Lawyer 13 (3.3MB)

Tony Benn - Conscience law and social progress
The Great Gulf in International Law
The McKenzie Rejected - a Fairweather Friend?

Socialist Lawyer 12 (3.6MB)

Global Warming to Environmental Law
Single Europe, Double Standards?
Child Welfare - Who Cares?

Socialist Lawyer 11 (3.8MB)

Stephen Sedley QC on the Judge's Role in Public Law
A Revolution in Soviet Law?
The Union Struggle in South Africa
The Victims of FBI Frame Ups