Socialist Lawyer 61-70

Socialist Lawyer 70 (5.9MB)

Read the full edition of Socialist Lawyer 70 here.

Socialist Lawyer 69 (4.9MB)

What Remains: Photos from the last days of the war in Gaza in 2014 by Eduardo Soteras Jalil

Socialist Lawyer 68 (3.1MB)

Black and dangerous?  Read the full edition of Socialist Lawyer 68 here.

Socialist Lawyer 67 (4.7MB)

Read the full edition of Socialist Lawyer 67 here.

Socialist Lawyer 66 (4.6MB)

Read the full edition of Socialist Lawyer 66 here.

Socialist Lawyer 65 (7.4MB)

Justice in the balance.

Socialist Lawyer 64 (4.4MB)

Socialist Lawyer 64 focuses on the continuing campaign to save legal aid which has been gathering momentum throughout 2013. As the front cover depicts, solicitors and barristers have staged demonstrations in the face of the further round of cuts proposed to both criminal and civil legal aid. This issue features analysis of the consequences that will result from the proposed cuts and offers a rallying call to save legal aid as an essential part of the welfare state. There are also articles in this issue looking at: the fall-out already being felt by the most vulnerable in society from cuts to benefits; the trial of Alfie Meadows; and the attempts in Guatemala to bring the former dictator Ríos Montt to justice.

Socialist Lawyer 63 (4.4MB)

‘Socialist Lawyer 63 features analysis by Louise Christian of the Government’s proposals for secret courts, a look at new laws on squatting from the Advisory Service for Squatters, reports on Syria and Colombia, an interview with the leader of National Union of Teachers, Christine Blower, Michael Mansfield’s call for the protection of persecuted lawyers around the world as part of the ‘Day of the Endangered Lawyer’, and much more.’

Socialist Lawyer 62 (2.9MB)

In this issue of Socialist Lawyer (No 62) published by the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, President Mike Mansfield writes on the parallels between the Report of the Independent Panel on Hillsborough and the Saville Report into Bloody Sunday. Mike Mansfield represented some of the families in both inquiries.

Mansfield praises the Independent Panel on Hillsborough for the conduct of the investigation. There were “no leaks official or unofficial. No Partiality. Families first”. It was “a perfect prototype or model for the future” and “truth in action rarely observed in other judicial processes, however good the intentions”.

Socialist Lawyer 61 (2.9MB)

The 61st edition of Socialist Lawyer goes to the printers as austerity measures and cuts to public spending continue to bite in the UK and across the continent. Challenges to those in favour of austerity are being made. In this edition PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka gives an interview in which he discusses his views on austerity and the challenges ahead for the public sector. There is analysis of the friction between the Greek constitution and austerity. We also look back at the incredible life of the eminent socialist lawyer and Haldane vice-president Lord Wedderburn. Turner prize winner Jeremy Deller has kindly donated a piece of his artwork which is but one feature of an edition that looks at issues including legal aid, the Olympics, school exclusions and much more.