Socialist Lawyer 41-50

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Socialist Lawyer 50 (3.2MB)

Socialist Lawyer celebrates our fiftieth edition

Socialist Lawyer 49 (2.8MB)

'Counter-terror' Bill assault on civil liberties
What will it mean for inquests? - Helen Shaw
Peace and multi-culturalism - Kader Asmal
Turkey, the Kurds and human rights
Do children in care have rights?

Socialist Lawyer 48 (959KB)

Modern Day Slavery: The Horror of Human Trafficking - Judith Farbey
Imran Khan Interview - Sultana Tafada
Miami Five Trial - Steve Cottingham
Valentina Telychenko Interview - Simon Pirani

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Socialist Lawyer 47 (606KB)

The battle for Legal Aid
Israel & the Courts - Daniel Machover & Kate Maynard
Moazzam Begg speaks at Haldane lecture
BAE, SFO and the Saudis - Jamie Beagent
Turkish Lawyers Take Stand - Azam Zia

Socialist Lawyer 46 (503K)

Whose terror?  Whose freedom? - Hannah Rought Brooks
Human Rights and 'Terrorism' - Keir Starmer QC
'Terrorism': Flag of Convenience - Bill Bowring
Muslims: Absorption or Exodus? - Fahad Ansari
The Legal Struggles for Women Today - Holly Pelham

Socialist Lawyer 45 (465K)

Prison crisis: Michael Mansfield, Piers Mostyn & Laura Janes on 'Gulag Britain'
Tony Benn: The law, society and a new world order
Yasmin Khan: Jean Charles De Menezes
Sadat Sayeed: Guantanamo: Work Behind The Scenes
Bill Bowring: Do 'Terror Suspects' Have Rights?

Socialist Lawyer 44 (718K)

Foreign Criminals: Donald? Dubya?
Frances Webber & Alex Gask Go Beneath the Scare Stories
Liz Davies on the Respect Agenda
Richard Harvey on Shoot to Kill
Sultana Tafadar: Forest Gate

Socialist Lawyer 43 (823KB)

Guantanamo: Close it down by Clive Stafford-Smith
Helena Kennedy on 'The rights of women'
Michael Finucane: 'Why no public inquiry of my father's murder?'
Phil Shiner, Conor Gearty. Israeli Wall, Section 9

Socialist Lawyer 42 (783KB)

Uganda: time for justice
Exclusive interview with Liberty's Shami Chakrabarti
Michael Mansfield QC, Liz Davies, Louise Christian and Helen Shaw on the Anti-Terror Laws
John Hendy QC on the Trade Union Bill

Socialist Lawyer 41 (582KB)

New term: new ideas needed
What we want from the new government
Clive Stafford-Smith on the Fight to Free Prisoners at Guantanamo
Forum: What is the Role of the Left-Wing Lawyer
Lennox S Hinds on the USA after Bush re-election
We talk to Hotel Rwanda film director Terry George